Xshopz Perfect Instant Smile Teeth Veneers Uppers & Lowers

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Nikko Moore

Xshopz Perfect Instant Smile Teeth Veneers Uppers & Lowers

Cassandre Shields

Thanks for a good product and fast delivery. I would like to recommend seller.

Gregory Wisozk

Xshopz Perfect Instant Smile Teeth Veneers Uppers & Lowers

Dan Rippin

Order came quickly. similar to baby vampire teeth as in childhood

Orrin Hauck

It came whole in a package of 2 pairs. + glue.


Perfect Instant Smile Snap On Teeth Veneers will give you a million-dollar smile instantly. This removable veneer gives you the look of perfect teeth without going to the dentist. 

Perfect Instant Smile, As Seen on TV, is made with micro-thin Polypropylene that is super comfortable and allows for a custom fit. Simply soak in the veneer in hot water and press into your existing teeth.

Instant Smile Snap On Teeth Veneers Uppers & Lowers by Xshopz

  • Special custom made mold works to disguise crooked, stained, missing and gapped teeth. Is a great alternative to expensive braces.
  • Beautiful dentures make you more smile
  • A removable, reusable temporary smile device.
  • Size: 7*5CM
  • Material: Environmental protection PP+ food grade silica gel
  • Please clean after use

What is Snap-On-Smile and What Can it Do For You?

Snap-On-Smile are a set of prosthetics made of high-quality dental resin that snap right onto your teeth to help enhance your facial features, especially your smile. Snap-on smile is simple, easy and extremely inexpensive.

Types of Teeth Veneers:

  • Type1: Top Teeth Veneer 
  • Type2: Top & Bottom Teeth Veneers 

Type1 Packing List:

  • 1 * Top Teeth Veneer 
  • 1 * Adhesive
Type2 Packing List:
  • 1 * Top Teeth Veneers
  • 1 * Bottom Teeth Veneers
  • 2 * Adhesives

Perfect Instant Smile Veneers are one size fits all and are reusable. Includes upper and lower teeth.

Perfect Instant Smile Snap On Teeth Veneers Features and Benefits:

  • It is very effective. Unlike most dental procedures that can go wrong or take a few tries before getting it right, Snap-on-Smile works like a charm on the very first try.
  • It works for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from other medical conditions, it does not eliminate or affect your chances of having a perfect set of teeth. Snap On does not limit its usage or efficacy based on a person’s medical conditions.
  • It Is Quick. For most dental procedures, you need to wait months and even years before you can start reaping any results of your labor. But not with Snap-on-Smile; you see instant results. Just like the name suggests, you just need to snap it on, and you are ready to rock the party.
  • It’s Pain-Free. Not a big fan shots and needles and getting yourself drilled down? None of us are really! And with Snap-On-Smile delivered right to your door and fitted right onto your teeth without any hassles, there is no reason why you should opt for such painful dental processes anyway.
  • It is extremely Easy to Maintain. You don’t need to visit doctors every time you want to take them off or put them back on, or would like to rub your tongue over your teeth. Just take the dental prosthetic off, brush your teeth and put it back on.
  • Yes, You Can Eat, Drink and Party With It On! Worried you might have to take them off every time before a quick bite or a drink out with friends? You should worry not. These prosthetics will not come in the way of your daily routine at all! You can wear them like a glove all day long. Though, it is not recommended to go to sleep with them on. So you’d just need to take them off before you go to sleep.
  • The right color for you is available too. One worry most people have with dental prosthetics is that they don’t want them looking unnatural. Snap-On-Smile will help you find the right shade for you. You can select the right shade of white for your liking and features so that they give you that naturally white smile you’ve always wanted.

How to use Snap-On Teeth Veneer:

  • The adhesive meter is soft with hot water
  • Put the adhesive meter into the braces, then put on the braces.


If you feel the size of the braces is too large, make the teeth uncomfortable, you can properly shorten the distance between the ends of the braces, use scissors to remove the excess. (This is an irreparable operation, please be sure to confirm and then execute)

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